Do you have discounts for long term storage/moorage?

Yes, if you sign an annual contract paid up front you receive a 2% discount.

Are there 3 month or 6 month contracts?

If you would like to sign up for less than a year’s storage we have a short term month to month contract. The minimum term for a short term contract is 3 months and we require at least 30 days notice on the 1st of the month before the effective date of the notice to end the contract.

What if I sign an annual contract but want to cancel before the full period is up?

You must continue to pay until we find another tenant to take over your space or slip, your rate will change to a month to month rate and you will be invoiced the difference between the annual rate and the short term rate from the beginning date of the your current contract.

If I provide a security deposit can I hold that slip/storage space for multiple months until my boat arrives?

We can hold the slip for up to a month but after that you will have to pay the monthly storage/moorage fees until the boat arrives.

How can I pay for my moorage?

Via EFT, credit card on file, post dated cheques or interac e-transfers.
If you would like to use e-transfers please send it to

Why would I not receive my security deposit back?

If you leave without 30 days notice or there was any damage caused to other boats or the marina by you or your boat we will absorb the security deposit.

If I agree to bring my boat in in 1 month’s time and have paid a deposit, what is the penalty if I do not arrive?

We will absorb your security deposit and have the right to charge 1 month’s storage/moorage fee due to our 30 day notice policy.

As a returning customer can I be assured that there will space in the marina on my return the following season?

No, you must add your name to the waitlist as soon as you leave. Although we like to express loyalty to all customers if a customer signs an annual contract in the time you are away then space may be limited on your return.

If I signed a month-month contract does that mean I can leave at anytime?

We require a minimum term of 3 months. If it is after that, and you have given your 30 days notice then yes. We require you give your notice on the 1st of the month prior to which you want to end your contract. If you give your notice mid-month you will still be invoiced the full monthly moorage/storage charge at the beginning of the following month, we do not prorate it, and your contract will be valid until the end of that month.

If I arrive mid-way through the month will I be required to pay for the full month?

Our contracts generally start on the 1st of the month. If you would like to come in in mid-month in special circumstances we will prorate you or charge you for a half month.

Storage / Moorage – General

What is LOA?

LOA means the length overall of the Boat, including fenders, bowsprits, boarding ladders, davits including their loads, stern drives, out drives, rudders, anchors, pulpits, push pits and any other extension fore and/or aft of the Boat. It is how we measure the boat for its storage and moorage rate.

If I bring my boat back late at night and intend to use it again the next day can I leave it on the valet dock without it being lifted back into drystack?

You may keep your boat on the valet dock over night if you intend to use it before 9am the following morning. Please place it at the end of the valet dock facing out as an indication you would like to stay in the water. As well, please follow up with an additional launch request in Speedy Dock for the next day so we know what time you intend to go out at. We will begin between 9 and 10 am to haul out boats that we have not received launch requests for.

What if my boat is bigger than 32ft can you still accommodate me in drystack?

Not at this time.

What if my boat is smaller than 30ft and I want to keep it in water?

Our slips start at 30ft and are charged by slip size rather than boat size. If your boat is under 30ft you will still be charged for a 30ft slip and have use of 30amp electricity. We have a small area called M-dock for up to 16 boats that has 15amp electricity and is charged per foot.

What is M-dock?

It is a dock further away from the inlet to the marina and so takes higher precision to maneuver your boat into. Boats are tied up in a linear manner one behind the other. Electricity is at 15amp. There is no dock box provided. Power and water pedestals are shared, water is included.

How long is the waitlist? Does it differ between in-water and drystack?

It changes dependent on the time of year and the size of your boat. 26ft-36ft is the most popular size at our marina and so the lower racks in drystack (26-32ft) have a longer waitlist as is the same for 30ft-36ft slips in-water. Generally more tenants want their boats under cover in drystack for winter and in-water for summer as we are the only marina to offer unlimited haul outs and launches for drystack customers.

What is the advantage of being in-water or in drystack?

Generally being in drystack means your boat is not exposed to the elements so maintenance costs in the long term are less. Having an in-water slip means you can entertain at any time of the day and have 24/ 7 access to the boat. In comparison the drystack facility is locked at night. In-water is thought to be more convenient but keep in mind drystack offers unlimited launches & haul outs at no extra fee with the ease of as little as 1.5 hours notice with our launching App SpeedyDock.

Is there ever an issue with tides with regards to the draught of my boat

There is at least 5′ of water at zero tide everywhere in the marina.

Are there any limitations with the lift?

The weight limit is 11,000 lbs. As well, if the tide is below 1.5 m the lift cannot function properly as the water level will be too low. You must assess the tides prior to requesting launches.

Other than length are there any other limitations for drystack?

There are height and beam limitations depending on which rack your boat is due to be kept in. We can store boats with a maximum height of 12′ which is the measurement from the bottom of the hull to what ever the boat’s top most point is (with antennae down.) We then can store to a maximum height of 11′, then up to 9′, then one that goes up to 7’6″ and lastly our top rack which accommodates boats up 4’5″. Beam restrictions are around 8ft – 10ft depending on the rack, and anything over that will be charged a 10% oversized beam fee. Note that the length must be length overall including any extensions – swim grids, engines, anchors etc.

Can contractors come and work on my boat in-water?

Yes, as long as they provide the appropriate insurance and work safe BC documents to us. You can also request your boat be hauled out so they can work on it on the hard on a work bunk.

Can we keep Jet Skis at the marina?

No, due to environmental and city noise bylaw reasons we do not keep Jet Skis or Sea-Doos at the marina.

Can I store my catamaran there?

In-water may be a possibility but you would be required to pay for 2 slips due to the wide beam

My boat is stuck/has an issue in the water. Who should I call?

Please call CTOW at 1-800-417-CTOW(2869).


Do I have to be a customer and hold a contract to use your facilities?

We allow non-customers to use the lift and work bunks space permitting. They will pay an external customer price which is higher than the price for those with boats at the marina.

If I’m popping by to the pub do I need to pay a transient fee and let you know ahead of time?

Please call us within 48 hours of your arrival so that we can let you know where to tie up. Do not assume slips are free for use if they are empty. The Marina is currently full and every slip belongs to somebody. On busy days there may be no room for you to tie up. Also, we require your phone number to be provided so we can contact you in case any issues arise pertaining to your boat.

How long can I stay for transient moorage?

There is no limit: you may stay in the slip as long as it is vacant and you have arranged it with the office for.

Amenities / Services

Can you clean my boat for me?

We do not provide this service but suggest you contact Milltown Marine Services, the service centre on site, and inquire about their detailing packages. Their phone number is 604-264-8020.

Can I wash off my boat before it is moved back into drystack?

There are hose bibs near the valet dock that you can hook up to if free to do a quick rinse off of the exterior of your boat while in the water. If you would like to do a more thorough clean please move it to the cleaning station to the east of the marine lift where there is a hose provided. If you would like to wash the hull of your boat you will need to request the boat be moved to a work bunk. Work bunks have a daily fee.

How is the electricity charged for in-water slips?

Our in-water slips are metered monthly and have a current of either 50 or 30 amp depending on the length of the slip. If electricity is desired in your M-Dock spot there is a monthly flat fee and it runs at 15 amps.

Can I store my trailer with you?

Yes, but it is availability dependent.

Do you have extra storage lockers?

In-water slips all have personal dock boxes, for extra storage we have a few large lockers available, please call and add yourself to the waitlist.

Is there vehicle parking?

Yes, we have free customer parking for up to 3 hours. For anything over 3 hours a monthly parking pass is required. Please contact the moorage office for more details.

Is there wifi?

Yes, but it has a maximum bandwith and once reached it is limited.

Are there laundry facilities?

We do not have laundry facilities.

Do you have garbage and recycling disposal?

Yes, there is a particularly assigned area which has labelled bins for plastics/containers, paper, cardboard, organics and garbage only.
Please do not dispose of engine batteries, propane bottles, engine oil or any other household/boat items here. Please visit the Vancouver Zero Waste Centre nearby or other appropriate places to dispose of these items.

Who can winterize my boat?

We recommend Marine Services next door

Can I charge my boat battery while it is in drystack?

No due to fire hazard but you can request your boat be moved to workbunk and charge it there or charge the battery alone outside the drystack building.

Do you have adapters for loan?

Yes, we have pigtail adapters to borrow for short term use, you will have to leave a deposit.

Where are the nearest pump out?

At Vancouver Marina, about a 10 minute boat ride. Motor boats only due to bridge height restrictions. The nearest pump out for sailboats is in False Creek at Burrard Civic Marina. Visit this link for a list of pump out stations in Vancouver.

Where is the nearest fuel station?

At Vancouver marina, about a 10 minute boat ride. Motor boats only due to bridge height restrictions. There is a diesel station at the Chevron dock although it is not recommended due to forceful currents. The nearest fuel station for Sailboats is False Creek Fuels at Burrard Civic Marina.

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