Milltown contract:

  1.     The Owner Parties shall not permit any garbage, bilge contents, petroleum products or other organic or inorganic wastes, contaminants or pollutants to be emptied overboard or escape from the Vessel or be deposited anywhere within the Marina except into receptacles provided for that purpose.  The Owner Parties shall comply with all environmental laws. Without the express  written  consent  of  the Company, the Owner shall not bring any contaminants or pollutants onto the Marina excepting only fuel and lubricants in the fuel tanks, engine and operating parts of the Vessel.  The Owner shall notify the Company promptly of any breach or suspected breach of this Section and shall indemnify the company against all loss and expense arising therefrom.

Milltown Marina places an emphasis on several areas of environmental concern including:

  1. Permit for water weed herbicide
  2. Recycling & garbage separation

We have dedicated & clearly labelled disposal facilities for:

  • old gas and diesel fuel
  • fuel and oil filters
  • absorbent products
  • cardboard
  • compost
  • hazardous waste – antifreeze/ absorbent pads/ aerosols/ antifouling paint/ batteries/ hull wash water/ fuel/ oils like engine, hydraulic & transmission fluid/ paints/ solvents/ wood preservatives
  1.  Eliminate contaminants into the water Рno hull scraping, no greywater or blackwater released, pump out & fuel station at Vancouver marina. toxic paints and maintenance products. Use biodegradable soaps that do not contain phosphates, reduce surfactants on the water surface.  Ideally use products that carry the ecologo symbol. No greywater discharged Рtoilet & showers provided to reduce greywater production. No bilge pumping. Place absorbents in bilges & motor wells. Install bilge pump discharge filters. Keep engine compartments clean & attack leaks immediately. Rinse decks frequently with plain water rather than allowing to build up & increase the need for soaps.
  2.  Oil spills
  3.  Minimize the release of pollutants to the atmosphere Рno wet sanding, paint spraying within contained area. fuel station at Vancouver marina Рrelease hydrocarbons into atmosphere- contribute to smog & reduce air quality. Minimise the time engines idling unnecessarily.
  4.  Avoid contamination of the ground Рwash water, tarps used on the ground, yard and storm water management
  5.  Adopt waste reduction, reuse & recycling strategies
  6.  Optimize energy & water conservation Рmetered electrical supply, area lighting on auto timers, shower timers, enegy saving bulbs,
  7.  Knowledge:
  • Promote environmental practices to all parties
  • Train employees to understand & implement these practices
  • extensive spill protection procedures + training
  • Even if biodegrable avoid disposal of solid waste such as food overboard
  • Aethiticallly we appreciate the benefits of a clean & tidy marina but this attitude has a positive effect on the environment also
  • Boat wakes can not only annoy your neighbours but also be destructive to shoreline
  • Excessive noise can disturn wildlife particularly during nesting season
  • General maintenance of docks – concrete rather than wood chosen for not only stability but to reduce use of hazardous wood treatment
  • DS – place drip trays under grease filled components
  • Winterisation of boats
  • Sewage storage tank pumped regularly
  • Staff collect rubbish regularly from parking lot
  • Dustless (vacuum) sanders
  • Maintain granular surfaces to maximise stormwater absorption & minimize runoff

Everyone associated with the marina must be aware that their activities have the potential to affect the environment by introducing contaminants toxic to fish, release harmful gases into the atmosphere, reduce the oxygen content of the water or upset the pH balance & generate unnecessary waste

  1.  abandoned and derelict vessels
  2.  conservation and preservation of our natural marine environment Рwildlife habitats envirowest Рmaintenance of habitats for local flora & fauna


We understand that environmental responsibility is an ongoing process and recognise the importance of maintaining a clean natural environment is fundamental to our business. Therefore we have since adopted the Clean Marine BC best practices guidelines.  We encourage our clients and fellow BC boaters to take the following ideas into consideration when at our marina and others.  Please take pride in our Marina by not only familiarising yourself with this advice but acting on it! Pop by the office to talk with our staff about suggestions to do your part or read over our handbook.  Find out more about our local issues:

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